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The LB Peak Performance Training Private Group Sessions are VERY similar to the 1 on 1 session when it comes to focused sessions to bring out the most in the individual players.. 

What they'll Learn:

*Ball Mastery
Learn how to manipulate and control the football. Build that relationship and be comfortable moving the ball with all surfaces.

*First Touch
Learn to master your first touch as the ball comes to you on the floor, in the air, at various speeds and angles.

Football is not played in straight lines so learn how to turn your body at speed with and without the soccer ball.


Learn to move dribble gracefully with the ball closely at your feet moving in different directions and speeds. Dribble like Messi…


*Running with the ball
Learn to run at pace with the ball, taking bigger touches and focusing on distances, acceleration and deceleration.


*Ball Striking
Learn to strike the ball perfectly, either with power or curl using different surfaces to gain the desired outcome.


*Quick Feet
Want quick feet like Neymar & Ronaldo? Develop a quick reflex action with anticipation to make the ball do what you want at speed.


*Passing & Receiving
Learn to control & move the soccer ball as you receive it and then pass with various surfaces at different angles & speeds.


* ALSO: Fitness, 1v1 Domination, Confidence, and Pace


> Mastery Monday 4:30pm - 5:45pm at Somerset Cricket Club Field

> Sunday Skills & Drills is at 11am - 12:15pm at Bermuda College


> There will be monthly Performance reports given to parents



> For ages 6 -14

> Monthly Payment of $100

> There is 3 groups of no more then 6 players: Players ages 7-8, Players ages 10-11, and Players ages 12-13. Players will be able to train at higher groups if they're above their groups level. 

> Jersey Tops will be given to players that must be worn in order to train

> All session will be video taped and highlight videos will be sent to parents for viewing

These sessions can be added to athletes weekly schedule to help them progress in the sport a bit faster then their age group, and to improve their games as total athletes. 

Its very easy to hide in the weekly team training with clubs which is why players tend to develop at different times. The small group and 1 on 1 session method here is so that we can primarily focus on every athletes individual game!

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